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24" / 128-150 cm

Our bikes that feature 24-inch wheels are suitable for children measuring between 125cm and 150cm. That's it, the serious stuff starts! At this age, the kids are confident on their bikes. They want to start going fast, jumping, descending whatever lines, even doing their first races. The choice of vehicle is therefore crucial!

There are four options in the 24-inch category. With three of them, the main difference is suspension or no suspension. All three bikes feature a derailleur, disc brakes and real knobbly tyres like the adults. The fourth option is electrically assisted - a real revolution in this area of the children's market.

The RAMONES 24 has a rigid frame and fork. Beyond the intention of keeping the price of the bike down, the absence of suspension allows for better handling, less weight and easier maintenance. In addition, the stiffness is compensated by 2.6 tyres which can be slightly under-inflated to provide even more comfort and grip.

On the META HT 24, the frame is semi-rigid with a 120mm telescopic fork. This fork was specifically developed by our engineers in collaboration with MANITOU. The main objective is to reduce friction as much as possible so that the travel is used to the full, even during small impacts and for smaller, lighter humans. The comfort and grip are exceptional for a bike of this size.

The META HT 24 POWER is the e-version of the META HT 24. Featuring a Shimano motor with a 500Wh battery, new horizons will open. It’s now possible to go on an adventure together, for a day, a weekend or even a proper riding holiday!

Finally, the CLASH 24 is a benchmark in the market of 24-inch full suspension bikes. Much more than a small-framed CLASH, the kinematics have been designed specifically for this frame. The suspension brings comfort and grip whatever the size of the obstacle and despite the lighter weight of the child. Thanks to MANITOU’s 145mm telescopic fork, ROCKSHOX shock and 180mm Shimano disc brakes, they’ll have no problems following you down the most technical of trails. And if you choose to do another lap, pedalling back up is made easier thanks to 11-speed SRAM gears.

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