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Back in 2005, the META was one of the first bikes you could really call "enduro”. A new generation of bike that could pedal uphill and put a big smile on your face when faced with some serious downhill. Year after year, the META just got better and better. The META AM V4, the fourth generation of the legendary META, aims to do better than its older brother, the META AM V3. Not surprisingly the very first goal was to improve global performance and versatility. If there was something to improve, it was pedalling efficiency. COMMENCAL wanted a bike that was more lively & efficient when crankingit hard. Swing a leg over the META V4 and there’s no doubt you are on a COMMENCAL. It simply oozes our DNA : an alchemy between fun, performance and aesthetics.
Geometry : no compromise - At COMMENCAL, geometry is taken seriously. No compromise. This is the rule. Everyday the staff rides steep, rocky, technical Pyrenean trails and the META AM V4 geometry is the reflection of their riding. For us an enduro bike is a downhill bike that can pedal. To ride fast downhill, first you must climb. The META V4 uses a steep seat tube angle to provide a great position when pedalling, especially during long and / or steep climbs. The top tube length is designed to fit 50/60mm stems, a choice that offers a great mix between manoeuvrability and a downhill position. Combine that with a low BB, and you get a great feel for the bike when riding technical trails. Steep trails are not a problem for the META V4 thanks to its slack 66° headangle. The 438mm length chainstays along with the headtube angle provide a balanced feel to achieve great off camber grip and confidence on fast trails. Depending on your riding style and your favourite trails, it’s possible to use a 150mm travel fork to favour All Mountain or step up to a 160mm travel fork to favour a more enduro-style of riding.
Simplified design to save weight and offer an easy shock accessibility
3 pieces top tube : integrate shock for super low
Optimized stiffness to get as much grip as needed
Frame construction - Very high end aluminium! - COMMENCAL remains committed to aluminium. The META V4 is built around 6066 alloy, offering great mechanical properties. The frame is carefully built, heat treated and shot-pinned to offer an incredible durability. Aluminium doesn’t mean cheap frames. The META V4 is a swarm of technology : every single tube is triple butted and specifically shaped to improve the weight/reliability ratio. All the kinematic points are machined after welding to make sure the kinematics and the geometry are perfectly respected. The axles are all machined in 7075 Aluminium and rotate around oversized bearings to optimize their durability.

The META V4 frame is different than the META V3, no doubt about it! The idea behind this was to simplify the frame construction and thus optimize the frame weight. At 3kg without shock, the frame is significantly lighter than the V3. It could be lighter, but at COMMENCAL, reliability is the top priority. When you go for a long loop in the mountain you don’t want to come back walking... By using a compact linkage and a compact set of dropouts, COMMENCAL has found another way to reduce weight without sacrificing reliability. The top tube is a 3-piece part and is the heart of the frame construction. A shock tunnel
 is supported by the top tube. Thanks to the tunnel, the standover height remains very low for a comfortable ride and an aggressive look. The shock is positioned pretty high in the frame to offer easy access to the shock platform.

The rear triangle has been designed to optimize stiffness. No, it’s not 30% stiffer than the META V3. In fact it’s slightly softer than its predecessor. COMMENCAL believes that stiffness is a matter of balance. A stiffer frame provides a very precise frame but also very poor grip when riding over roots, rocks and off camber. This is why COMMENCAL is always looking for the right compromise in terms of stiffness. The stiffness rate of the META V4 offers great grip in all conditions and keeps the precision needed to ride trails as hard as you can!

The META V4 shows great attention to details. An integrated cable path has been improved, offering good protection and super slick looks. The double density chainstay protector integrates the derailleur housing to keep maintenance as simple as possible.
Contact System - Among the different parameters, the Contact System is the heart of the META V4. Based on a four-bar linkage like its predecessor the META AM V3, this new Contact System is designed to optimize the overall weight, liveliness of the bike &access to the shock’s overall travel. Designed around a 650b wheelset, the BB drop is increased. A great move in terms of geometry but not so good in helping to get a good wheel path. The META V4 therefore keeps a pretty high pivot point, optimizing the wheel path. The other effect is to increase the liveliness of the bike, which was one of the first goals to achieve. The new shock location not only offers easy access to the shock for the rider, but also allows the possibility to use most of the piggyback shocks on the market. Not everybody likes to have their handlebar covered in remotes. By positioning the shock as close as possible to the rider, it is now easy to access and optimize the shock according to your needs. COMMENCAL believes in the four-bar linkage system, the reason being to perfectly tune the suspension rate through the travel. The META V4 is designed around a new kinematic that optimizes both grip and pedalling efficiency. Indeed the V4 is more progressive, but at the same time the shape of the curve provides a firmer ride at the SAG. It delivers 150mm of travel to the rear wheel. The result ? Awesome liveliness, combined with superb grip. Remember, we ride mountain bikes and we need grip to improve overall performance! Want some icing with that ? The shock is assembled on a clevis equipped with bearings to improve sensitivity.
BB92 pressfit
Development & optimization - At COMMENCAL, frame reliability and development are taken very seriously. Reliability is our first concern. The frame is optimized by computer analysis to save weight where possible and to make sure the frame will not crack under use. COMMENCAL has developed several machine tests, designed to reproduce the life cycle of the frame. Load and fatigue limits are set to a very high standard to ensure every rider can get out and ride safely. Once we know there is no major risk of failure, team riders and COMMENCAL staf fare allowed to ride the frames and optimize them. Two series of samples were necessary to find the prefect balance of stiffness and tune the geometry for the META AM V4 COMMENCAL would like to thank Nico QUÉRÉ, Pierre-Edouard FERRY, Jérémy ARNOULD & COMMENCAL testers for their help to design the best META AM V4 possible !