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« « I didn’t have any preconceptions about e-bikes before my first test,
I was just very curious about them!
Today I can say that I don’t really understand all the haters, they must not like to ride their bikes!
Who will complain about doubling the amount of runs without spending any more energy?

Since the beginning we communicate on the true essence of a good mountain bike and its purpose.
Almost 20 years later, we are starting a new chapter in COMMENCAL’s history,
whilst keeping in mind what is important for the riders that we are: we love to ride.

That is how we developed the “POWER” program.
We enter a new era: one of E-Mountain bikes, one of COMMENCAL POWER.

Let’s enter the game!

The META POWER and the META HT POWER are not simple bikes designed around a motor,
but a genuine META on which we integrate a compact, silent, powerful and lightweight system.

Battery: the intelligent integration.
Removing, replacing and recharging the battery off the bike are basic demands.
Creatively integrated into the frame, easy to disassemble,
the SHIMANO battery currently gives the greatest range on the market (up to 100 km in “Eco” mode with 800m of positive elevation).

The META POWER and the META HT POWER use cranksets with a specific E-Mountain bike chainring
(the diameter optimises pedalling effectiveness, mud evacuation, suspension performance, gear ratio management and chain wear).

The META POWER and the META HT POWER spec Plus-size tires.
It’s the ideal choice for enhanced grip, traction and comfort!


Seat Tube Lengh 400 mm 440 mm 490 mm 520 mm
Seat Tube Angle 73° 73° 73° 73°
Head Tube Angle 66° 66° 66° 66°
Head Tube Length 100 mm 110 mm 115 mm 120 mm
Wheel Base 1145 mm 1169 mm 1196 mm 1223 mm
Top Tube Length 588 mm 617 mm 637 mm 663 mm
Chainstay Length 435 mm 435 mm 435 mm 435 mm
BB Height -55 mm -55 mm -55 mm -55 mm
Fork Length 551 mm 551 mm 551 mm 551 mm
Standover Height 725 mm 735 mm 747 mm 796 mm
Reach 400 mm 420 mm 445 mm 470 mm
Stack 634 mm 644 mm 648 mm 653 mm


On an Ebike, the frame and the motor are the heart of the bike.
We have chosen to use the SHIMANO E8000 system, which gives many advantages:

A compact motor: without a doubt, one of the key benefits of the E8000.
Its compactness doesn’t affect the geometry compared to a classic mountain bike and gives a sensation that we did not think was possible from an E-bike.

Excellent ergonomics: the shifter to switch modes is really intuitive.
It facilitates the utilisation of the different levels of assistance.
The LCD colour display is also well thought-out. It gives clear information in all weather conditions.

- Intuitive modes: an Eco mode for the longer rides,
a versatile Trail mode offering extra assistance and a Boost mode (up to 300% assistance) for the riders in a hurry!

After-sales services

For several years, COMMENCAL has been selling bikes online, direct to the consumer.
From SHIMANO’s side, the E8000 is their absolute priority.
SHIMANO provide a global after-sales service (one of the broadest in the industry)
and will be able to give customers a fast and efficient service.
The SHIMANO E-TUBE app ( which is downloadable on all smartphones,
tablets and PC computers gives the customer the ability to personalise and update their system settings through Bluetooth connection.

COMMENCAL also put in place all the means to enquire, help and troubleshoot.

« Knowing the trails, having ridden them and raced them on my regular bike,
riding them now on the META POWER, the enjoyment has been multiplied!
The endless climbs became easier but the descents had little effect by any additional weight.
The META POWER really gave confidence and allowed me to ride faster (I think) than usual!

In a nutshell, I’m already making space in my garage to welcome it very soon!