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A note from the boss, Max COMMENCAL;

"We turned a corner with the 2017 range and its sober and classy colours and going into 2018 we've continued on the journey.
The frame finishes are even more carefully worked and we have perfected the finest details plus,
there will be several Limited Editions that will pop up throughout the year. In a nutshell, the brand continues to grow.

FOX suspension makes a comeback and the forks used throughout our Kids range are totally redesigned.
Absolutely on trend, tyres are bigger, rims wider, the overall travel is increasing and the telescopic seat posts are becoming widespread.
Always faithful to aluminium and its legendary reliability, the brand continues its development.

Another evolution - 2018 is the year of electric bikes at COMMENCAL!
It’s the right time to enter into the game and we know how to make the best parts for a bike, the engines are now reliable and SHIMANO will provide a complete service anywhere in the world.

New challenges, new horizons, new customers, new world!
Bring it on!


The RAMONES range evolves with bigger tyres, new brakes and new colours that do not go unnoticed.

The META HT KIDS has also evolved with the all-new RIDE ALPHA Prodigy fork on the 20" and 24" plus a telescopic seat post on the JUNIOR.
The whole range uses with a 1x drivetrain and brakes adapted to the mini-handed young riders.

More than ever, the SUPREME KIDS bikes are the reference for gravity bikes for kids.
The new 30mm (inner) rims, the new RIDE ALPHA Prodigy fork and the 100mm telescopic seat post for the JUNIOR,
make these 2018 models the most effective since COMMENCAL started designing bikes for the little riders.


In 2018, the META TR V4.2 adopts new wider rims,
an EAGLE drivetrain on the Essential model and particularly, a new and elegant aesthetic.


Even if aluminium is our favourite material, who can resist CRMO?
Whether it’s the design of the tubes or its precious flex for hard tail bikes,
the new geometry (+ 30mm reach) means it leans even more towards a committed ride whilst ultimately remaining fun.

A META AM V4.2 is unlike any other bike so when we design a World Cup version, it must be faultless.
Therefore, it is! With this META you can start any Enduro World Series…

This year the frame has been significantly lengthened and we use a shorter stem.
The bike gains stability without losing agility.

For the return to the range for FOX suspension, we wanted to make a proper jewel, an exclusive bike that is extraordinary!
We’ve accomplished this with the NEW ZEALAND finish, inspired by George Brannigan’s World Champs bike in Val Di Sole in 2016.
You should look thoroughly at each detail of this build, it’s just perfect.

"In a world where performance and racing often take over,
here at COMMENCAL we believe in fun!
We like to pedal our bikes but what everyone really wants to do most is go downhill.

For those who want to ride harder and also for those who think that fun is more important than a fast time,
the SUPREME SX is for you. In fact, it's made for us!



The FURIOUS is the COMMENCAL fun-machine!
For 2018, it adopts the new METRIC standard for the shock.

The DH World Cup is often described as the Formula 1 of the mountain biking world.
The SUPREME DH V4.2 to COMMENCAL is what the Silver Arrows are to MERCEDES, machines of exception!

For this new year, the frames are remaining longer and the flagship model of the range,
the RACE, is available with either RockShox or FOX suspension.


The electric bike has existed for several years and more and more we see them on trails and around town.
The image of the electric bike has often been limited to a utility ‘vehicle’ or to enable riders in ‘poorer form’ to climb all the same...
This is a very narrow-minded vision.

With our META POWER we want to demonstrate that the electric bike,
or rather that benefiting from a pedal assisted bike, is simply made for having more fun and then more again!
It’s fun to pedal up, a blast to ride down and the bits in between are even a pleasure.
Have fun everywhere you go!


Dirt is something for the purists and passionate out there.
Digging and training time is essential. No dig, no ride!
It is a form of humility that only those who take part in can understand.
The ABSOLUT is made for them, no place for frills.


Fast City Bike… Because life on 2 wheels could not just be specific to trail riding, bike parks or other forms of DH.
The FCB with its disc brakes and 1x drivetrain is the perfect steed to negotiate the streets with style and efficiency.


There’re still some surprises to come this year… Stay tuned!