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21/22 RANGE

Since the beginning of our snow project, we've been working on becoming a true ski/snowboard brand.
The quality and legitimacy of COMMENCAL in the bike world is well established and this is also the objective for our newer snow department.
The COMMENCAL philosophy is 100% evident in this new extended range, from all-mountain skis with 90mm underfoot to a freeride model with 118mm underfoot.
All our skis and snowboards are designed to be accessible and to provide performance. 
In addition to these two new all-mountain products, we’re launching a series of ‘Athlete Series’, a real trend lab!
This range is a sneak peek of future developments where each model will be available in one size. 
We Also Make Bikes.


The creation of the T.E.M.P.O. ski with a single rocker in the tips and a 90mm platform underfoot,
is our interpretation of what a combination of a touring ski and a piste ski should be like.
A real mountain tool, easy to climb with and terribly effective downhill in all snow conditions.
A real do-it-all ski!

Its lines and its more nervous character also make it a dynamic ski on harder snow and will allow you to make beautiful carving turns on the slopes.
On the other hand, the T.E.M.P.O. is easy to ski and tolerant, we advise to choose it at your height and down to -5cm for a better use of all its capacities.
128mm / 90mm / 116.3mm
R 17m
Traditional camber + rocker 
Sintered base
Sizes: 160, 168, 176, 184


If we had to sum up the COMMENCAL bikes brand in one bike, it would definitely be the META...
The all-new META is an excellent one ski quiver, combining lightness, liveliness on the piste and buoyancy in deep snow conditions.
Every binding option will fit this ski. With a pin binding this pair of skis will be a perfect climbing companion,
a hybrid binding will open new valleys and alpine bindings will allow total discovery of an entire ski area.
All Mountain
134.5mm / 99mm / 116mm
R 18.5m
Traditional camber + rocker
Sintered base
Sizes: 165, 172, 179, 186


The SUPREME FR is above all a freeride weapon! With 118mm underfoot, it’s only available in 187,
features a 23 m radius and has been designed for the FREERIDE WORLD TOUR and for COMMENCAL Canada…
It’s a great choice for everyone else too!
149mm / 118mm / 129mm
R 23m
Twin tip + rocker
Sintered base
Size: 187


The ABSOLUT is our latest ski innovation. It’s an ultra-maneuverable park toy! 176 in length, it’s perfect for all our riders.
Constructed from 100% Poplar, BiAxe fiber and with a high density base, the ABSOLUT is ready to take on questionable landings and vicious rails…
And also well-shaped features and freshly groomed parks everywhere.
The ABSOLUT is a small, ultra-neat and light freestyle ski from the ‘Athlete Series’.
It's designed to be able to take the brunt of an impact whilst providing great forgiveness in the tip and tail.
The ABSOLUT has a twin-tip shape with a tight radius to style out landings.
119.7mm / 92mm / 116.6mm
R 16m
Progressive tip and tail rocker and twin tip
100% Poplar core (1260g / ski)
Double layer Triax fibre + Biax fibre reinforcement under foot
Rubber insert in the edges to absorb impacts on rails
Size: 176


The CLASH, the original COMMENCAL ski, also evolves with a whole new core bringing less weight and more liveliness.
The CLASH therefore remains the perfect backcountry tool and becomes even more versatile.
Also, what about the purple top sheet design?
139mm / 106mm / 125mm
R 20m
Twin tip + rocker
Sintered Base
Sizes: 170, 176, 182, 188


The CLASH is now available for kids! Same recipe as the adult model but deliberately a little more freestyle,
this ski is easy, manageable and designed for what mini-riders prefer - jumping the smallest bump that comes along!
This ski is accessible but also wants to go fast. It keeps a double radius of 10.5m/11.5m, deliberately shorter to facilitate curves and rotations.
The double rocker, which is specifically adapted for kids allows the ski to move and turn very easily.
There has been no compromise on this kid’s model when compared to the adult model.
We have deliberately favoured the natural and healthy behaviour of a 100% poplar core so that the ski remains stable and forgiving.
In the same spirit, they are fitted with a high-density base.
The overall idea is the same as for our kids' bikes; a ski adapted to each and every size, and which is efficient and fun!
10,5 /11,5m double spoke
Core 100% Poplar
600/200 Biax fiber
Structured high-density base
Sizes: 137, 147, 157


Our snowboard range also sees the arrival of a splitboard within the ‘Athlete Series.’ Available in 158, it features an ultra-directional shape.
We believe that the effort of a climb should lead to the perfect run. It’s the very essence of snowboarding, one that motivates us all.
Snowboards were born to slash and float in powder better than a pair of skis,
to glide differently and above all to have maximum fun in the mountains... Every time!
If the quest for the best snow and the most beautiful turn may seem somewhat philosophical, it’s clearly a reality when you’ve tasted it.
The word compromise doesn’t even feature at COMMENCAL. We thought the T.E.M.P.O. splitboard would bring maximum stoke to the ride,
and we know only too well how much effort goes into skinning up for a good run down.
Evolving 7m radius
Front rocker and classic camber underfoot
100% Paulownia core (3100g)
600/200 Biax fibre
Structured high density trench sole
Size: 158


The CLASH board is renewed for one year.
100% homemade shapes. A directional shape, still with a double radius tapering at the heel,
a width underfoot that limits the risks of toe drag, 10mm of pintail, a classic camber and well balanced rockers.
All of our snowboards follow the spirit of the brand, namely a 100% poplar core, 0% carbon,
a quality base and a reliable sandwich construction.
7m Radius
100% poplar core
600/200 Biax fibre
Structured high density trench sole
Sizes: 152, 155, 158