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The META family is incredible! For 12 years, COMMENCAL have offered All-Mountain bikes and with every new version of the META (we are now on the 4th generation) its always a revolution. The META is the unquestionable pioneer of its discipline and constitutes true COMMENCAL DNA. In the hands of some of the best riders on the planet, this bike has won some of the most prestigious trophies across the globe World Enduro Series, MEGAVALANCHE nothing eludes it! Its a legendary bike, if you try it, you will become beautifully addicted.
The V3 dates back to 2012! Since then weve been riding it consistently every year since and its one of the most successful executives in COMMENCAL history! It is straightforward, reliable and powerful and is valued for its ability to withstand most obstacles, jumps and the most daring of chutes without getting tired! Thanks to previous research and development from back in the day, weve been able to access the best of technology and therefore equip our bikes with the most prestigious components, at unbelievable prices! It would be a shame to miss out. 
The V4 platform (EST. 2015) is the reference in the world of enduro and its many awards and glowing press returns have confirmed so from the start. Lightweight, efficient, comfortable, resistant and unbreakable, it offers everything the most demanding riders require! The META AM V4 is at ease everywhere. Made of aluminium, at the very high-end of the enduro range, it is equally as comfortable in the bike park, across the whole mountain or trail mode. It's the bike that we would recommend to anyone who loves everything about true mountain biking. Watch this video! Its packed full of our array of META AM V4 bikes.
"The only thing thats changed is everything!" - This is how we sum up our new META.

More travel, new technology and above all, added fun! Behind this ".2" is not only improved performance and versatility, but also improvements to the fine details; frame protection and the new flawless finish. The Black and Brushed versions look just incredible!

We recommend that you read the whole document. Its exciting!
How can one talk about the META SX without mentioning the word legend? In earlier times (and still today with numerous brands), the word bike is synonymous with sport, effort and pain... When the META SX landed, it claimed loud and clear that this sort of riding was not just reserved for motorsports! Back to 2017 with a matte black coat, its adorned with accessories and next generation components. An effective climber, this bike is just as at home whatever the direction of the slope. The META SX is the bike for the pure, the hardcore and for all those who above all love to have fun, have more fun and have more fun over!