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Being located in Andorra in the Pyrenees, 1000m above sea level, we have little opportunity to ride a bike in the city. Yet we’ve always enjoyed creating bikes adapted to city life. Forget about the car as much as you can, for you can park much more easily, it’s just a simpler life with a bike. The city is beautiful on two wheels.
Why ride a bike in the city? Maybe because it's more convenient… Fast. Playful. Economical. Whatever the reason, the whole point is to have a frame that is suitable for your needs so you can avoid the hassle of the city.
This category is made for those always in a rush! We have a choice of two! With the FAST CITY BIKE (FCB), it’s all in the name! Geometry is specifically designed for those who love to spin. Medium compound tyres mix speed with comfort. The FCB obviously likes the city but also adores the countryside. For those looking for something a little more refined, there’s the ACID. Always so chic, still as sexy with its intertwined tube design and irresistible matte titanium colour. Anodised orange components emphasise its subtly and class. Year after year, we always love the ACID.