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  1. |Description|
    This ski is designed in the same spirit as its bike counterpart ... A fun and effective backcountry model.
    The CLASH is accessible without compromising high speed capabilities.
    Thanks to its deliberately progressive shape, a double radius of 22 / 18m, closing in tail, the CLASH remains dynamic in transitioning from edge to edge on sharp turns.
    Thanks to its double rocker, the ski is snappy and easily manoeuvrable. The classic camber underfoot provides excellent carving grip and stability.
    The CLASH is the Freestyle BC ski that will allow intermediate and confirmed skiers to have fun, regardless of the conditions.

    We have deliberately honored the natural and healthy behavior of a 100% poplar core, without the addition of carbon or other materials so that the ski remains stable and tolerant.
    Sandwich construction for more grip and strength.
    Finally, the die-cut running base is made of high density PTEX 6000, full Black!
    Throughout the winter your skis can be subject to wear and tear that can mark them. With the black base those potential repairs will go unnoticed!
    The spirit of our skis is the same as our bikes, excellence by "geometry".

    Size (cm)                                     Ski (kg)

    170                                             1,67
    176                                             1,73
    182                                             1,79
    188                                             1,85

  2. |Dimension|
    Available in 4 sizes 170, 176, 182 et 188.
    170 176 182 188
    Tip Width (A) 130 mm 137 mm 139 mm 141 mm
    Waist Width (B) 99 mm 104 mm 106 mm 108 mm
    Tail Width (C) 116 mm 122 mm 125 mm 127 mm
    Radius (D) 21,2m / 17,2m 21,6m / 17,6m 22m / 18m 22,4m / 18,4m
    Rocker Tip (E) 355 mm 370 mm 380 mm 380 mm
    Rocker Tail (F) 280 mm 290 mm 300 mm 300 mm
    Tip Height (G) 65 mm 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm
    Tail Height (H) 33 mm 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm
    Camber (J) 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm

  3. |Videos|

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