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The FRS is a sleek bike with timeless lines. It can shake up times on the clock thanks to its energy and it's guaranteed to put a smile on the face of riders who love steep freeride lines, letting loose and just having big fun.

Designing this FRS was not so easy.
It is seemingly simple, yet it is a melting pot of technology, which draws on our experience from the design and engineering of its predecessors. The work done for this year revolves around three key points - kinematics, geometry and frame construction - all bringing more performance and reliability.

We believe that it is 100% essential to work with only the best materials. Therefore, we are using a series of Aluminium triple butted (AL 6066) tubes which offer several advantages:

- Tube shapes are improved to enhance mechanical characteristics.
- The weight of the frame is optimised and the longitudinal and transverse flex is controlled.

With the kinematics we retain two distinct anchor positions for the rocker/linkage which are easily modifiable to:

- Be able to use a spring or air shock independently without having to make compromises.
- Enable the choice between a setting focused on grip (sensitive) or liveliness (responsive).
- Allow for the 2 curves of the kinematics to be linear for better connection with the ground (the tyre/ground contact is truer) and more comfort through the travel.
- Ride with less SAG without it being uncomfortable.

As reliability is also one of our major points, we’ve worked on the details that make the difference:

- The bearings are oversized, and the rocker is designed to minimise the stress applied to the shock. This ensures better operation and optimises reliability.
- The shock absorber support is embedded in the down tube. The line of the frame is "cleaned" of all elements that may complicate it.

A few points on the finishes:
- The cables pass the main pivot point as closely as possible in order to reduce displacement and wear.
- New inserts on the head tube allow the joints to hold perfectly.
- The double density injected chain stay protector is completely revised. The body is made of polypropylene for excellent fit on the chain stay.
- The FRS is fitted with down tube protection. No more worrying about rock bashes, chips or rubbing in the back of a pick-up.

FRS. DH in all forms and without any compromises.
3,699.00 €