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  1. |Description|
    The TTX22M is quite simply what ÖHLINS does best. It features low speed rebound, high and low speed compression settings, and a lightweight steel coil spring to keep weight down. On track, that translates into an exceptional touchdown with the ground to the point of being on a rail that nothing can distrub. We worked closely with ÖHLINS to achieve the perfect compression and rebound settings for our frames. The objective of this shock is clear; to shorten lap times. When you add exceptional reliability to that, you get one of the best shocks on the market.

    - Eye to eye length x stroke: 250x75mm
    - Bushings: 20x8 / 30x10
    - Internal tune: Rebound R20 / Compression C40
    - 3 level high speed compression adjustment 
    - Low speed rebound and compression settings
    - Weight 450g
    - Spring not included
    - Compatible models: 
    2020 – 2021: FURIOUS
    2019 – 2021 : SUPREME DH 27, SUPREME DH 29, SUPREME DH 29 / 27 

    This shock benefits from factory settings defined by COMMENCAL. It has the 'best settings’ pre-set specifically for the FURIOUS and SUPREME DH.