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This Trail/XC/Hard Tail category is made up of bikes with front suspension only for a variety of different uses. This is the kind of bike that most people got started on in the world mountain biking so we paid special attention to these models. We took care of making a difference by ensuring every part is well built, from the frame to all its components. Look at all the fine details and you will not be disappointed!
‘Entry Level’ at COMMENCAL does not mean ‘low-end’. The EL CAMINO 650b is simply a bike with everything you need to ensure long, fun rides. The 650b wheels combine comfort, pleasure and a playful yet robust feel, which is lightweight and efficient. It already sits in the very popular Hard Tail category type trail/enduro bikes. The COMMENCAL geometry is unique and that constitutes to the major values of this bike plus the general look is neat. 
When we talk about the META, we’re talking about a highly versatile bike. With the META HT Trail, we’re aiming towards the true riders who just want to go out and do the job and not have to worry about the rest! The greatest strength of this bike is its frame, made from aluminium with varying degrees of thickness. We’ve thought every detail through, such as more accessible concealed cable routing and the well-established META geometry remains, having been praised at the highest level. The second point to note is the exclusive choice of components; RockShox forks with 120mm travel, SRAM transmission, RIDE ALPHA cockpit and MAXXIS tyres. These components are reliable, easy to maintain and durable. It's the bike that we recommend to anyone who takes mountain biking seriously.
The SUPERNORMAL has existed since the first day of the brand in 2000. It’s credited for being both a ‘normal’ (go everywhere and do anything on) and ‘super’ bike! Let’s face it, the best of all worlds! The following points are essential; a well-designed framework, good lines, light and powerful (triple butted aluminium) and a high-end fork in the RockShox 100mm tapered REBA for better consistency. With no rear suspension and for a sturdy yet sporty bike, 29-inch wheels are necessary. This offers more contact with the ground therefore more grip and comfort resulting in boosted confidence. It’s completely trustworthy. Trails, paths and even roads are easy, being equipped with versatile XC/Enduro tyres, the SUPERNORMAL adapts to any terrain and workout! It can ride and ride and ride… Just like you. This one certainly works for comfortable long rides, with maximum fun, obviously.